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Jo Saunders – Connection Catalyst

Connection is required to make an impact. It is at the heart of influence and starts with self. If we aren’t truly connected to ourself, connection to others can be more challenging, putting the impact we aspire to make at risk. Trust requires a feeling of connection, a confidence in abilities, and a sense of alignment in values. When we have clarity about who we are we can fast track the ability to build rapport with the right people and foster relationships that are rewarding.

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Jo Saunders is a leading international LinkedIn expert, marketing and networking strategist known as the Connection Catalyst. She has been helping people connect and communicate since the early 90s, through the art of letter writing, event design and delivery, social media, personal brand and social selling strategy.

If your community need to build a personal brand and professional relationships then learning how to use the most trusted social network, and largest professional network; LinkedIn is critical.

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Are you Harnessing Your Potential?

Jo Saunders speaks in Australia and internationally, and would be delighted to inspire and motivate your conference delegates to energise their brand, enhance their credibility and engage their network using what she calls Connectfluence®; the art of personal connection for professional influence. She is known as a LinkedIn expert, delivering training and mentoring to organisations and professionals at various stages in their career, and has found that even leading experts struggle with representing themselves authentically.

“Through my presentations and training, my aim is to demystify LinkedIn® and inspire your team and community to increase their visibility, build brand authority and earn influence, to ultimately attract more opportunities. What really drives me is to see talented individuals realise their true potential, through courageous action.  I find many  people struggle to own their talents and identify their strengths, or downplay their acheivements.  I thrive on challenging people to get curious, find courage and think creatively to communicate their essence and harness their unique qualities with a dose of quirks.’   

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Jo is a certified trainer, member of Professional Speakers Australia, a certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® practitioner, a current student of a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and a life long learner. She has spoken on local, international and virtual stages across the last 15 years, resulting in training thousands of people around the world.

More About Jo's achievements


She ranked #4 on Klout’s LinkedIn expert list, was named one of the top 200 LinkedIn practitioners in the world, and in the top 5 LinkedIn experts in Asia Pacific for two years running, and was the only Australian LinkedIn expert to be invited to speak at Social Media Marketing World, the leading global social media conference, until 2024.

Co-author of ‘Get Good or Get Off – A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media’.

Co-founder of #LinkedInLocalPerth, buildling a community of over 500 Perth professionals, which ran for 5 years.


Values in Action

Curiosity & Growth

A lifelong learner driven by curiosity, Jo cannot help but learn.  She thrives on understanding the world she lives in and how people think, in order to be a better human leading a more fullfilled life. When we widen our experience and expose ourself to information and insights we discover inspiration and our own ideas flourish.  

Creative thinking

Having strengths of  improver, innovation and creativity, and being on the ADHD spectrum, divergent thinking comes naturally.  Creativity isn’t just about self-expression, althoguh you will see that in spades, but it comes from the inate curiosity andchallening what we accept as norms in order to create connection and thrive in our environment. 


While curiosity is required to innovate and improve, action often requires a dose of courage. Being brave is an admiral quality and takes determination, focus and stepping through fear. When we challenge ourselves to do things outside of our comfort zone, we demonstrate what we are capable of, fuelling confidence. 


Collaboration is a core value, delivered by co-creating content and experiences with other professionals including LinkedIn experts around the globe.  When we share values and a vision, co-opertitition beats a competition mindset. Together we can make a bigger impact.

She was the first Australian LinkedIn expert to be invited to speak at Social Media Marketing World, the leading global social media conference in 2018, joined in 2024 by fellow Aussie Michelle J Raymond, who took LinkedIn Company Pages to a whole new exciting level.



Whether with other people, the environment or myself, I value connection. While doing an activity to push myself, I am connected to the space around me and those I’m with.  I aim to be fully present and enjoy the moment, which activates a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the place I am in and the people in my company. And it means I am improving myself, protecting my health and fuelling my mind.  I challenge myself to really connect to who I am, which requires activation of my other values. And when things don’t quite go to plan, I aim to look for the opportunity to connect further and impact the fture vision I have.

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