Jo Saunders

Jo may be known as a LinkedIn expert, but what she is really passionate about is connection, curiosity and courageous action.  She is a midlife adventurer on a quest to inspire curiosity inspired action.  

  • Connection Catalyst 
  • Curious Adventurer 
  • Creative Thinker 

Staying in the comfort zone keeps you cosy, but imagine what is possible when we leave it. 

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How to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

Jo Saunders Interview

LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B (Business 2 Business) platform with over 660 million users. The platform is 227% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. The question is how do you make sure your profile stands out, is searchable and once found positions your expertise effectively. 

5 success tips for standing out on LinkedIn

Workplace Conversations that Matter

Jo explained the importance of a good LinkedIn profile, given how well it ranks on Google and is usually one of the first things which comes up on a Google search for your name. 

How to ATTRACT not Repel your IDEAL clients on LinkedIn

The YES ZONE Live Show

Join Rachel Bourke, and her special guest Jo Saunders – Australia’s leading LinkedIn Demystifier, Trainer and Speaker for the third episode of The YES Zone LinkedIn Live series.

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